How To Draw Attack On Titan Manga

About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a manga by author Hajime Isayama that was first serialized in kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in 2009. It was then adapted into an anime by director Araki Tetsuro, premiering in Japan in July 2013 . With special content that attracts a lot of views, this manga/anime has been successful.

Attack on Titan plot summary: Several hundred years ago, humans began to be attacked by Giants called Titans, a cannibal creature. Worryingly, they eat humans as a hobby rather than a need to eat, which has pushed humans to the brink of extinction. To protect themselves, humans have built together 3 giant solid walls and stayed in them for many years to protect themselves from those terrifying Titans. The outermost wall is Maria, the middle wall is Rose and the last wall is Sina.

What is Titan? – Titan is the main antagonist of the Attack on Titan series (Shingeki no Kyojin). They are a species of creatures shaped like giants, said to have appeared 107 years ago (according to the manga and anime context) and have destroyed humanity to the point of near extinction. However, in reality, the Titans were transformed from people who are said to be “The People of Ymir” and appeared more than 2000 years ago.

In the above, we have learned together some interesting information about “Attack on Titan”. Right now, we will start learning how to draw characters in Attack on Titan!

Easy to draw Attack on Titan drawing

Are you looking for drawing instructions on the characters that appear in Attack On Titan Manga? – You’ve found the right place you need!

Attack on titan drawings are very easy to draw, with just a few step-by-step drawings that beginners can also do.

Hope you enjoy my attack on titan drawing easy!

Drawing Attack on Titan

Learn easy to draw annie leonhardt icon
Annie Leonhardt
Learn easy to draw armin arlert icon
Armin Arlert
Learn easy to draw armin chibi icon
Armin Chibi
Learn easy to draw bertolt hoover icon
Bertolt Hoover
Learn easy to draw coloss chibi icon
Coloss Chibi
Learn easy to draw colossal titan icon
Colossal Titan
Learn easy to draw eren chibi icon
Eren Chibi
Learn easy to draw eren jaeger icon
Eren Jaeger
Learn easy to draw erwin smith icon
Erwin Smith
Learn easy to draw hanji zoe icon
Hanji Zoe
Learn easy to draw jean kirstein icon
Jean Kirstein
Learn easy to draw konnie springer icon
Konnie Springer
Learn easy to draw krista lenz icon
Krista Lenz
Learn easy to draw levi ackerman icon
Levi Ackerman
Learn easy to draw marco bott icon
Marco Bott
Learn easy to draw mikasa ackerman icon
Mikasa Ackerman
Learn easy to draw mikasa chibi icon
Mikasa Chibi
Learn easy to draw reiner braun icon
Reiner Braun
Learn easy to draw sasha braus icon
Sasha Braus
Learn easy to draw ymir icon
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