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Facts about wolves that you probably don’t know

Before learning how to draw a wolf easy, let follow me explore some (lesser known) information about wolves!

The wolf is a symbol of beauty and strength, they represent both good and evil. Also in Northern Europe, the wolf is a god who raised Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Wolf is also the first animal to be domesticated. However, wolves still contain a lot of interesting things that people still do not know.

1. Black wolf

The common coat color for wolves is white and gray, but some of them have very special black fur. The truth is that these are not their natural colors. A 2008 study by Stanford University showed that a particular genome that specifies black coat color appears only in dogs, so black wolves seem to be the result of breeding. The gene specifies that the coat’s black color is the dominant gene, so it is inherited most of the offspring. While black wolves do not appear to be excellent hunters, they have a better immune system. Black wolves are almost exclusively found in cold areas of North America.

2. Cannibalism

Cannibalism is quite common in the world of wolves. Due to living in an extremely harsh environment, often cold areas with scarce food sources, moreover, they have to compete with many other predators, so they are forced to eat injured or injured wolves. disease in a herd. When two wolves scramble for territory, there is usually a fierce encounter and the defeated will prey on the victors. The truth is sometimes they are forced to eat their own offspring.

3. Rabies and madness

Unlike many other animals, rabies is usually apathetic, disoriented and often in one place before becoming ill. Rabies, when infected with rabies are extremely dangerous, seem to immediately go crazy and can attack any animal around them, including animals larger than themselves. The wolves attacks most people because they have rabies, although this situation has decreased. Although there are medications to treat rabies bites, wolves tend to attack and bite the victim’s neck and head, so most cases are very dangerous. . In normal circumstances, wolves tend to stay away from other animals larger than themselves.

4. The American wolf is quite gentle

In fact, wolves in the Americas are relatively gentler and less offensive to humans than elsewhere, there are very few records of wolves that attack people in the US and Canada while Europe and Asia are the opposite. According to records, more than 3,000 people were killed by wolf attacks in France between 1600 and 1800. Wolves in India and Russia are most famous for their cruelty and aggression. During World War I, the Allied forces had to struggle against the onslaught of hungry wolves attracted to the smell of blood.

5. Dogs are favorite wolf prey

It is quite surprising because these two species actually share a common origin, moreover they are willing to mate with each other, but there are wolves that consider dogs as their favorite prey. Even large dogs, once strayed into the wolf’s territory, become their prey. A small wolf can easily defeat a large dog thanks to its sharp teeth and deadly bites to the neck. In Russia, in the period after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they discovered many bodies of ill-fated dogs that had to be prey for wolves.

And now, let’s learn how to draw a wolf, together

This anime wolf drawing is easy drawing and based on anime style. I know you are a newbie, so getting started with these easy drawing guides is better for you. Good luck to you!

Drawing tutorial video to follow and draw an anime wolf

Step-by-step drawings for newbies to see and draw


Step 01:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 01


Step 02:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 02


Step 03:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 03


Step 04:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 04


Step 05:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 05


Step 06:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 06


Step 07:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 07


Step 08:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 08


Step 09:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 09


Step 10:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 10


Step 11:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 11


Step 12:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 12


Step 13:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 13


Step 14:

Learn easy to draw Anime Wolf step 14


Learn easy to draw how to draw an anime wolf 576x1024

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