How to Draw Garfield – Cute version and easy for beginners

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Introducing Garfield cat:

Meet Garfield, the most famous and lovable orange tabby cat you’ll ever find in the world of cartoons! Garfield is the star of his own animated series, and he’s a cat with a personality as big as his appetite. This charming and mischievous feline will have kids of all ages giggling with his witty humor and insatiable love for lasagna.

Garfield lives with his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and his canine companion, Odie. While Odie is a bouncy and cheerful dog, Garfield is the complete opposite. He’s known for being a bit lazy, quite sarcastic, and always looking for ways to satisfy his two true loves: napping and eating.

One of Garfield’s favorite pastimes is finding new and inventive ways to avoid work and get extra sleep. Whether he’s lounging on the living room couch or burrowed under a cozy blanket, Garfield’s dedication to relaxation is truly remarkable. He’s also a master of clever one-liners and has a knack for making wisecracks about his human companions.

Now, about that lasagna addiction. Garfield’s obsession with this cheesy, pasta-filled delight is legendary. He’ll go to great lengths to score a slice of Jon’s homemade lasagna, even if it means outsmarting the family dog, Odie, or devising elaborate schemes. His love for lasagna adds an extra layer of humor to the show and showcases his determination to indulge in his favorite treat.

Despite his quirks and flaws, Garfield’s heart is in the right place. Deep down, he cares about Jon and Odie, and he often finds himself getting involved in their adventures, albeit in his own unique way. Whether it’s helping Odie learn a new trick or trying to impress Jon, Garfield’s antics always lead to laughter.

So, get ready to join Garfield and his pals for a hilarious and heartwarming animated series that will leave kids of all ages grinning from ear to ear. With his quick wit, love for lasagna, and penchant for mischief, Garfield is a cat that’s impossible not to adore. Get ready for a paw-sitively fun time with Garfield in his animated world!

Learn to draw Garfield with an easy tutorial

In the next 8 simple steps, we’ll bring this lovable cat to life on your canvas. So, grab your drawing tools and get ready to draw Garfield cat in your artwork!

Step 01:

Learn easy to draw step 01


Step 02:

Learn easy to draw step 02


Step 03:

Learn easy to draw step 03


Step 04:

Learn easy to draw step 04


Step 05:

Learn easy to draw step 05


Step 06:

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Step 07:

Learn easy to draw step 07


Step 08:

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