Learn how to draw a Cute Monkey step by step for beginners

Interesting things about monkeys

Monkey are considered one of the closest “relatives” of mankind, and most of us believe we know monkeys well. However, the following information may surprise you with this intelligent, vivacious animal.

  • Currently there are 264 species of monkeys.
  • The monkey understand the meaning of bias. They also know how to consider things better than others.
  • To communicate, monkeys use facial expressions, sounds, and body motions.
  • Monkeys express sympathy and affection for their fellow humans by grooming each other.
  • Squirrel monkeys can make more than 20 different sounds.
  • Although they love to eat bananas but they never eat the skins of bananas.
  • Monkeys are easily distinguishable from apes. Monkey has a tail, apes do not.
  • Don’t try to touch a monkey, they don’t like that and may attack you.
  • Monkeys are intelligent animals with an IQ of 174.

The monkey, officially known as Presbytis hosei canicrus, was listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, due to habitat loss due to agricultural development, mining, forest fires and due to excessive hunting. It is believed that this monkey lives only in the forest, northeast of Borneo, adjacent to the Indonesian island of Java.

So, do you want to draw a Cute Monkey?

Today, i will show you “how to draw a Monkey” with 09 simple steps. These easy drawings be sketched very clear and very beautiful. I hope you enjoy it!

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 00

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Step 01:

Start by sketching an ellipse with a cross inside

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 01


Step 02:

The next step, we will sketch the head and an ear to the left of the lovely monkey

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 02


Step 03:

In step 3, we will draw parts of the monkey’s face

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 03


Step 04:

Outline body and a left arm

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 04


Step 05:

Next, draw a right hand of monkey and holding a banana

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 05


Step 06:

Continue, draw 2 legs (squatting position)

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 06


Step 07:

Draw a long and twisted tail. And a few additional drawing details

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 07


Step 08:

So we have finished the monkey drawing together

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 08


Step 09:

Finally, let color your artwork. Below are my results after a few minutes of drawing and coloring.

Learn easy to draw Cute Monkey step 09


Learn easy to draw how to draw a cute monkey with banana 576x1024

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