How to draw a cute Cow with 09 simple steps

Some information about cows that you need to know

Cow (or Cattle) is the common name for the species of mammals with the scientific name Bos, including wild and domesticated cattle. The genus Bos can be divided into four sub-genera: Bos, Bibos, Novibos, Poephagus, but the difference between them is still controversial.

Most cow species are herbivores, with long tongues to lick the grass they like and large teeth to chew on. Many species are ruminants, with a four-pocketed stomach that allows them to digest the most indigestible grasses.

There are currently about 1.3 billion domestic cows raised, making them one of the most domesticated mammals in the world. Members of this genus are currently found in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Their habitats are not homogeneous and depend on the particular species; they can be found in grasslands, rain forests, wetlands, savannas and temperate forests.

Cows have a life span of about 18-25 years in the wild, but if they can live up to 36 years when raised by people. They have a 9-11 month pregnancy cycle, depending on the species and produce mainly 1 calf (rarely twins) in the spring, collectively known as calves. Most species move in groups of 10 to hundreds. Within most flocks there is one male for all females.

So, do you want to learn “how to draw” a cow?

Today, i will show you “how to draw” a cute cow with easy drawing tutorials. These cow drawings are simple step by step for beginners

Learn easy to draw Cow step 00


Step 01:

Outline a circle for the head, a small ellipse for the nose and a large ellipse for the body of the cow (fuzzy drawing strokes)

Learn easy to draw Cow step 01


Step 02:

Draw a contour to wrapper the nose and mouth

Learn easy to draw Cow step 02


Step 03:

Draw the cow’s head, and the 2 ears look like 2 leaves

Learn easy to draw Cow step 03


Step 04:

Continue, sketch the body of the lovely cow

Learn easy to draw Cow step 04


Step 05:

Easy to draw 2 horns and 1 funny tail

Learn easy to draw Cow step 05


Step 06:

Let’s use 4 nearly circles to outline its eyes and nose. A simple curve for drawing the mouth

Learn easy to draw Cow step 06


Step 07:

This step, we will sketch spots of cow

Learn easy to draw Cow step 07


Step 08:

So you’ve finished your cow drawing!

Learn easy to draw Cow step 08


Step 09:

Let’s color for your cute cow drawing!

Learn easy to draw Cow step 09


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